Truths We Hold…

This is our ‘party platform’ to make America great again.  At ConservativeAmerican.org, we hold these truths…


  • The federal government is too large and intrusive and steps should be taken to reduce its size, to reduce the tax burden that places on tax-paying Americans, to reduce its power over our lives and to see to it that the federal government follows the U.S. Constitution. The federal government should not be seen as an employer and should not compete against private business.
  • The ObamaCare Nightmare must be repealed.  In a free capitalist society, the federal government should never be in charge of our healthcare.  This is a socialist take-over of 1/6th of our economy.  It replaces what was undeniably the best healthcare system in the world with one that has failed the world over.  President Barack Hussein Obama, the nation’s first white-black president, created a fake healthcare “crisis” and forced this law down the throats of the American people who did not want it.  Government of the people, by the people and for the people was replaced with government forced upon the people against the people’s will.  This insane growth of government will require huge tax increases and result in healthcare far below current standards.  It must be repealed.  Elements of the plan, such as coverage for preexisting conditions, should be passed one at a time after public debate and feedback.
  • The U.S. Department of Education, a gift to the socialist-union-democrats from former President Jimmy Carter, should be eliminated. It is specifically forbidden by the U.S. Constitution.  It removes power from the states, counties, cities and towns to make their own decisions about how their children should be educated. Those state and local bodies would then be free to use school vouchers giving people the choice of what school to send their kids to.
  • The U.S. Postal Service should be eliminated.  It simply is no longer needed.  The federal government also should, in general, avoid competing with the private sector.  Where private industry can provide a service, this is preferred to having the federal government do so.  Packages and items can be shipped by UPS, FedX and any number of other companies.  When the USPS is shut down, more business will be generated for these private companies to secure.  Many of those companies may hire former USPS workers and even consider purchasing former USPS assets from the federal government.  The USPS is a waste of money and outdated.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) should be eliminated.  There is no reason for the federal government to impose volumes of restrictions on states that drive businesses and jobs out of our country.  The Holy Liberals who push this stuff “to save the earth” have no concern for the humans on that same earth that need jobs.  Let each state develop its own environmental protection laws.  Some will choose to be more strict than the federal government was (hello California and Colorado) while others will ease certain areas (such as restrictions on coal energy — talk about green! The earth made this stuff for us!) and have rules less restrictive than the feds used to.  John Stossel said he’d keep a small part of the EPA to regulate pollution.  I’d let the states do that.
  • Stop wasting money on the production of coins.  We pay more to produce these coins than they are worth! That’s just plain stupid. If we still need coins, the smallest only one should be the quarter.  As time goes on and technology changes we may no longer need paper currency either.  There should not be wasted debate in congress over such a proposal, this is a no-brainer.  Of course most congressmen qualify for the “no-brainer” conversation.
  • Stop wasting money on duplicate federal government programs/handouts.  It’s beyond stupid for our federal government to have dozens of programs in different departments that all do the same thing.  For starters, we should eliminate all duplicate programs.  From there, we can decide if the single programs which remain are worth continuing or not.
  • End the Welfare State.  Americans are good, hard-working and compassionate people who have no problem helping others when they are down on their luck.  That’s no longer what the government does though.  Instead we put millions on permanent disability who still have the ability to work.  Of course we want to help those who honestly can no longer work, but that number is not 10% of the workforce!  We actually advertise for and recruit people to sign up for government assistance programs to make sure federal workers still have jobs.  It’s ridiculous!  Welfare assistance should either return to being a loan to recipients or be eliminated.  If it is a loan, then they can pay it back in cash when they become employed, or they can pay it back in service to the government agency providing the financial assistance.  This service could save the agency money by eliminating the need for as many government workers.   Welfare should be a temporary help in almost all cases.  People also have to rely on their families, friends, churches, charities and loved ones for help when needed.  The government should not be viewed as the final answer to a problem, rather a temporary help in extreme cases. The number of people on assistance must be dramatically reduced. As the King of Norway said in 2013, the welfare state must end and the “participation state” must take its place. People must set up their own safety nets for when things go wrong. We’re Americans! We pride ourselves on individualism and being able to take care of ourselves. Those who have lost their way and feel the government should take care of them, will need to rediscover this American spirit and ability to survive and thrive.
  • End Government Grants to Charities.  As cold as this sounds, how on earth does it make sense for you to work hard and pay taxes so elected government officials can decide how to best GIVE AWAY your money to charities?!  You should have the authority to decide how much, if any, of your hard-earned money you donate to charities.  And, you should get to decide which charities get that help.  This also means an end to tax-dollar funding for the National Endowment for the Arts.  The government should not make you pay higher taxes so it can decide what is acceptable art that it will support and pay for and whom it is okay to insult with disgusting nonsense labeled as art by angry people.   Conservative Americans believe strongly in helping others and supporting charities, including those who support the arts.  We donate to these causes to help make our communities better places to live and work.  It is not the government’s role to make those decisions for free people.
  • Dramatically change our role in the United Nations.  That prime real estate in New York shouldn’t be wasted as a luxury stop for the world’s dictators. If it stays in that location, the U.S. needs to pay no more than 10% of the expenses of the U.N.   We’re okay with the U.N. moving out of the country or moving to a state in need of economic development, freeing up that land in New York for generating new wealth.
  • Eliminate Community Development Block Grants.  Why should the federal government tax you, take your money out of the community and then, using its infinite wisdom, decide which communities to give money back to in the form of grants?  Why not just drop that portion of the tax on the people (at least on the federal level) and let your money stay in your community where you and your neighbors can decide how it should best be used by the local government.  Wipe out the middle man.  This is just legal political corruption in the form of redistribution of wealth.
  • Eliminate Pork. – & – One item on each bill.  No tagging on additional pork for anyone in any party.  Pork does not go through unless the whole congress votes to approve it by itself and the President signs it.  That would mean that your local congressman would have to explain to you why he voted to let his congressional pal in Arizona have money to build a freeway, which no doubt will be named in honor of the congressman from Arizona.  Nonsense.  Every member of congress will be made to answer for every vote.  No 2,000 page bills that no one has read.  One item at a time written in language most Americans can understand.
  • Get rid of unnecessary laws and regulations.  Congress is always approving new laws.  When’s the last time they got rid of a few?  For every new law or regulation passed by congress, another three or four should be eliminated.  There are many laws which are out of date, no longer apply, or no longer of any use.  Get rid of them.  The federal government has gone regulation insane.  The number of federal regulations should be cut drastically, we suggest by more than half to start.
  • Wipe out Executive Branch Abuse of Regulatory Power. Regulations not specifically (and individually as we discuss on this page, one at a time) approved by congress and signed into law are to be considered only as suggestions and do not have to be followed. This way there will be no power available to back-room Czars who report to no one, rogue agency directors and pro-regressive liberal bureaucrats. If congress can’t get the votes on the regulations, one at a time, then it’s only a suggestion.
  • Eliminate Funding for Amtrak.  It loses money, the trains are not filled, and they’re too expensive.  Tax dollars should not fund this. Period.
  • No more NPR (National Progressive Radio).  NPR and Public television sell advertising.  They make money from product sales.  They no longer need the support of public tax dollars.  If they can survive on their own, they should.  If not, (Romney was right) no more Big Bird. A profitable station will immediately fill the void left by the unlikely loss of any marketable programming.
  • Sell assets to help pay down the $17-Trillion debt.  We agree with John Kendrick at the Heritage Foundation. He offers great ideas including selling gold held by the federal government. We suggest it sell $250-Billion worth of gold and apply it toward the monstrous debt. The federal government owns 1/3rd of the property in the nation! That is obscene and wrong.  The federal government’s role is not to own property.  Keep the nice federal parks and monuments we all enjoy, but unload most of the rest.  The land should be sold to the private sector and NOT to other branches of state, county, city or other local governmental bodies!  We suggest the sale of “the non-defense currently unused land and mineral rights” until a full $750-Billion worth of land and mineral rights is sold.  Those two things alone just knocked $1-Trillion off our national debt. As Kendrick suggests, selling some Tarp assets would bring in hundreds of billions!  We suggest the government must immediately sell $650-Billion in TARP and direct loan portfolio assets that it has no business owning in the first place. Keep the sales going!  Time to unload excess and unused inventory, including unfilled or unused federal buildings.  Kendrick says selling this excess stuff along with federally run utilities would bring in “hundreds of billions” of dollars. Let’s do it!  Sell $350-Billion of these assets, and we just knocked $2-Trillion off the federal debt!!  This also would reduce the federal government’s annual interest payments by about $60-Billion a year.  However, it may be wise to consider leaving that money in the budget to pay down the debt even faster.  There will need to be much more done to reduce federal spending, eliminate budget deficits, and pay down this obscene national debt.
  • Zero-based Budgeting.  No more automatic increases in current spending levels.  We need to eliminate built-in spending increases and take steps to make sure these are not put back into place in the future. Instead of debating how much of an increase there should be each year (which in many cases is actually an ADDITIONAL increase over and above the ALREADY SCHEDULED increase), each federal budget year should start with a blank piece of paper, the so-called “Zero based budgeting.”  Each agency or department must justify its existence each year and demonstrate which programs work and which do not.  So instead of continuing things year after year, like the Lyndon Johnson “War on Poverty” which has failed each and every year and continues to make life worse for those it was supposed to help, we get rid of programs that have failed.  We eliminate programs that produced undesired consequences. We ask each year if we REALLY still need each program.  The goal should always be to work for the taxpayers and LIMIT government’s size and power over individuals.
  • Reduce waste in the Military.  A huge portion of the national budget goes to defense each year, as it should.  This is a primary function of the federal government, to defend our great nation and protect our vital security interests at home and around the world. We support the USA having the Strongest Military in the World – the best people, technology, strategies and equipment providing peace through strength and wisdom and providing security for our nation and our people. ConservativeAmerican.org supports increasing the pay of men and women enlisted in the military and increasing the support given to wounded soldiers (by eliminating the Veterans Administration). These changes can be achieved without increasing the military budget.  There are huge amounts of pork in military budgets to protect a given congressman’s home-town company which supplies the military.  Our discussion on this page about eliminating pork will help.  There is also a ton of waste that can be eliminated.  Our military receives more funding than any military in the world.  Again, I’m okay with that concept.  I want to be safe in my nation. However, how much more do we need to invest than our enemies? Twice as much? Ten Times as much? This is a worthy debate.  ConservativeAmerican.org believes the military budget can be reduced through eliminating waste, cutting programs, getting rid of facilities and equipment no longer needed, eliminating duplicate services, and by other methods.  While reducing the military budget, we still believe we can increase pay and benefits for those who truly deserve it.  I know many on the right will not agree with reducing military spending.  However, a quick review of the federal budget demonstrates that any meaningful reduction in the size and cost of government must include discussion on reducing the military budget.  We believe this can be done while maintaining the strongest military in the worldWe need to provide insurance to those in the military that will provide substantial death benefits for those who pay the ultimate sacrifice, particularly those who leave families behind. Let’s show these brave and unselfish people how grateful a nation can be. If we can afford “Cash for Clunkers,” we certainly can afford “Cash for Heroes!”
  • Eliminate the Veterans Administration. The VA scandal of 2014 demonstrates once again that the federal government is too large, corrupt and out of control. Shut down the VA and give the money to the states to use for healthcare vouchers for the veterans. Veterans can then go to any legitimate private healthcare facility in the nation to get the care they need when they need it. No moe relying on the corrupt government, with doctors only working half days on government whole-day pachecks. More here.
  • Stop Government Funding of Artificial Markets.  To call ourselves free market capitalists, and at the same time, to artificially prop up markets for certain goods is quite the contradiction. We need to transition from the present state to one where the federal government does not interfere. That means no more subsidies for things like ethanol. If the free market can support ethanol and customers want it, so be it. If there is no market, as I suspect, production will stop and corn prices can return to normal, lowering Americans’ expense for food and meat. No more paying farmers not to farm! Certainly there are more examples. The basic principle is to avoid creating industries that only exist because the government uses tax dollars from real people working real jobs to pay for subsidies to continue the false market for the politically-desired product.


  • Energy Independence – Drill for oil on US territory now. Drill off shore, just far enough where the platforms can’t be seen from the mainland. Drill in Alaska, Drill in the Gulf. Drill off both coasts. Find oil right here. Mine Coal. We must end Barack Obama’s War on Coal. Encourage new coal power plants with clean coal technology. Use more nuclear power. We want clean air, water and land, but we don’t believe in the theory of man-made global warming (now referred to by the left simply as ‘climate change’ — ask yourself, has there ever been a time when the climate hasn’t changed?!) and we know that people are part of nature too.  We don’t want public schools used to further political agendas like global warming and socialism.  We believe in working with those who can help protect the environment, but who also realize we must use our own resources of coal and oil. Let private industry research and develop wind power, solar power and other methods of generating electricity if those things can prove profitable. Let the private sector determine if there is a way to make these methods work in the USA. If so, they will proceed with these ventures. The government does not need to intervene.


  • Taxes are way too high.  The union-socialist-democrat party loves to discuss making taxes more “fair.”  The only problem is they deform and distort the meaning of the word “fair.”  To them, it is fair to have the rich pay more.  This implies, incorrectly, that the rich don’t already pay more than everyone else.  That’s a lie.  The rich pay substantially more of the taxes than those with less.  This class warfare also gets those who don’t view themselves as rich (some of whom are actually quite rich) upset with the taxes they pay and creates misplaced and misdirected anger toward those with more wealth.  These are not positive things for the community.  We support the idea of a fair-and-flat tax and acknowledge the public must be taught the truth about taxes in order to make this happen.  Anyone who works and sees federal tax withholdings on their paycheck stubs, knows that they pay federal taxes.  When they hear talk of 48% or 49% of Americans not paying any federal income taxes, they wonder who these people could be.  While the answer is obvious to some, many just have not taken the time to think it through.  Obviously, having taxes withheld does NOT mean you pay any federal income taxes at all.  You may get the entire amount you paid sent back to you in the form of a tax refund and some even receive a refund larger than the amount they paid in (that’s called welfare, like it or not).  This is how most people will say they don’t know anyone working who pays no federal income tax when in reality, about half of those they meet are doing just that.   If only half of us are paying federal income taxes, there is no way to call that system “fair.”  A flat tax rate, meaning anyone with a job pays the same rate of federal income tax, say 20% for example, is indeed fair.  Those who make less will pay 20% of what they make which will be a smaller dollar amount than those who make more.  Those who make more also will pay 20% and thus, a larger dollar amount than those who make less.  That actually would be fair!  Those who have to pay to support all of the programs the government has will be more likely to support reducing those programs than will those who benefit from those programs.   The current system, by liberal design, anticipates eagerly they day (coming soon) when more than half of Americans are ‘takers’ instead of ‘makers.’  They dream that this will mean an end to anyone, other than a liberal promising more handouts, winning an election.  This design is fatal and must be replaced.  The fair-and-flat tax is the way we suggest accomplishing that goal.
  • Eliminate taxes on Employers.  A favorite tune sung by the Socialist-Union-Democrats is that big business, evil corporations and nasty employers should be made to pay more taxes!  They even like so-called “Windfall” taxes that force businesses who make “too much money” to pay an even greater portion to Uncle Obama.  Like it or not, the truth is employers (big or small) don’t pay taxes.  Any expense an employer has simply is built into the price of the product or service so that the desired profit can be obtained.  If a company wants to make 25-cents profit for every 75-cent widget they make, they charge $1.  If Americans decide to punish them for getting rich and increase the taxes they pay, this does not change the desired profit.  The company still wants to make 25-cents profit for every widget.  However, that 75-cent widget now costs (adding in the higher taxes) 80-cents to make.  The company will NOT say “Oh well, we lose.  We’ll only make 20-cents per widget now.”  Instead, the price of the product or service goes up to $1.05 each.  The President needs to explain this to the American people.  Business taxes are not absorbed by the business/employer.  They are passed on and it is the consumer who pays the tax.  So next time your liberal pal feels like cheering for a tax increase on employers, remind them it is consumers like them who actually pay the tax.  They are, in fact, cheering that they themselves will have to pay higher taxes.  The USA is taxing businesses to death and forcing employers overseas.  We need to attract employers, not scare them away.  We want jobs here and we need employers to make that happen.  So while you hear corporations called by other names (democrats call them evil, white, fat-cat, corporate jet-flying, big business CEO’s, etc.), they are in fact providers of jobs.
  • To speed the so-called trickle down economy once business taxes are eliminated, incentives should be created to encourage employers to offer profit-sharing to employees.  This also requires the employees with brains to want their employer to succeed.  They will work harder to make that happen because they know they too will be rewarded.
  • Eliminate marriage penalties in tax codes, laws and government regulations.
  • Eliminate rewards for staying single, having kids out of wedlock, and having more and more kids out of wedlock. This has served only to destroy the family structure in certain segments of our population, particularly the black communities.
  • We want a USA that is the Most Prosperous Country on Earth – a nation of people who keep us an economic superpower. A nation that offers the freedom to dream your own unique dream, to act on those dreams and to enjoy the fruits of your labors, a bountiful harvest. American ingenuity, creativity and prosperity that leads to charity, and people helping each other. Free market capitalism without socialist bailouts and government meddling. Not a nation that is a wholly owned subsidiary of the People’s Republic of China. Not a nation of unlimited and unchecked government spending and entitlements.


  • Checks and Balances are failing and the Constitution is being ignored -We agree with Mark Levin that the time has come for the end of lifetime appointments to the U.S. Supreme Court.  The court’s ability to serve as a check and balance on both congress and the executive branch has deteriorated rapidly as politicians and activists for certain causes get named to the court.  The justices no longer offer true justice according to the U.S. Constitution as they are charged and sworn to do.  Instead we have a liberal justice suggesting other nations avoid using the U.S. Constitution as a model to base their own on, while another liberal justice says the court should look at what other nations are doing in making its decisions about the U.S. Constitution!  Uhm… that’s not their job! Levin has suggested a 12 year term.  This is a great starting point for the discussion.
  • All federal politicians need term limits – The 28th Amendment to the Constitution -These lifetime politicians who never leave Washington D.C. and are ‘honored’ for 40 years of service!  Nonsense!  Two terms and you’re done.  And that doesn’t mean you can then jump over and serve two terms in the Senate and then two terms in the White House.  Just two terms in Washington and then go home!  The idea of part-time citizen legislators is how the founders designed this great nation.  They wanted citizen legislators to ensure government of the people, by the people and for the people.  Instead we have career politicians who sit as elitists and impose statist government on the people, making sure the public has no say in the process, and exempting themselves from all of the laws they inflict on the peasants.  This check and balance has also failed.  It is time for Constitutional Amendment XXVIII to set term limits for all federal politicians and require that all actions taken by congress also apply to its membersThe positions in congress should not include retirement benefits (though we would not oppose this for the President).  Senators and congressmen after two terms should go back home, get a real job, and save for their retirement just like the rest of us have to do.
  • Freedom & Liberty– Freedom is our greatest gift to each other, a treasure paid for and maintained by our military, freedom and liberty to speak our minds, to bear arms and to pursuit the right to life, liberty and happiness. This is the most basic fabric of our nation, the cornerstone of our greatness. We cannot allow Socialism to creep in and begin to erode our freedoms and liberties and simply ignore the Constitution without any consequences.
  • A Free & Fair Media – we believe in a nation where various sides to an issue are heard and presented, where the media consumer is not mislead into a pre-conceived conclusion based on a political motivation and on the belief that what they have seen is “news” and therefore must be true. We believe in media as a watchdog to ensure government’s goodness without jeopardizing national security. This check and balance has been missing in recent history as liberals control the vast majority of newsrooms.
  • The Right to Life must be Upheld. The Declaration of Independence makes this very clear: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” The right to life is self-evident and this right comes from God, not government. The sanctity of human life must be protected and abortion must come to an end. We are a proud nation with a rich history based on our Constitution. We are a nation founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs and we don’t apologize for that. It is these same beliefs that have caused us to welcome people of all faiths to join us in America where we celebrate freedom of (not freedom from) religion. We believe God has blessed the USA and has entrusted many gifts to us. We believe certain rights are inalienable because they were bestowed by God, not government. We don’t apologize for being pro-life in a political atmosphere that preaches pro-lifers are ruining the republican party. We’re not worried about the republican party. We are Conservative Americans.


  • Circle of corruption for democrats and labor unionsTime for Elections to be Fair. Just as the democrat-union-corruption circle has forced all Americans to donate to the democrat party, ridiculous and outdated voting laws also are designed to help only the democrat party. Any attempt to change them results in being told you are a racist and trying to disenfranchise voters. Hogwash! Time for a national law requiring that a photo ID be shown prior to voting. If you can’t prove you are who you say you are with a photo ID, you don’t vote. States can provide these free for those who don’t have a driver’s license. The American public supports this. This would end the bus loads of people being brought in to various voting places in major cities to vote (again and again and again).
  • Require Proof of Citizeship. In this day and age when liberals extend the rights of American citizens to foreigners, illegal aliens and terrorists, it’s time we clamp down on who is allowed to vote. Let’s require that every voter be required to show proof of citizenship before voting. The entire reason the democrat party pretends it is for Hispanics is so that they can get illegal aliens into the country and get them to vote democrat. This illegal advantage must be removed. President Obama constantly talks about making things “fair.” Well, this would make things fair. And the vast majority of Americans (who believe this somehow is already happening) will support this concept.
  • National Primary Day. Every four years the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary wipe out some candidates before the other 48 states even get a chance to vote on them. You have to win or come in a strong second or third in those first few states, and on Super Tuesday, or you are done. The dirty little secret is that both political parties like this. It allows the ruling elite in Washington, D.C. more control, more power in determining who the candidates will be. They can move behind the scenes with top-dollar campaign donors “encouraging” them not to support candidates who just didn’t get any backing in Iowa or New Hampshire. It’s time for a single, national primary day. Let all the candidates be on the ballots in states where they have qualified and let the votes fall where they may. Let the people choose the candidates, not the permanent politicians in D.C.
  • Stop the Press from Changing Votes on Election Day. How about an election law for the nation that says the tally of votes for each and every candidate running for President of the United States may not be released by any governmental body prior to the closing time of polls in the pacific time zone. That would mean if polls around the nation close at 8pm, then the numbers anywhere could not be released prior to the 8pm pacific time closing, despite the fact some polls on the east coast have been closed for hours. The media can still do its exit polls and report whatever they want based on that, but this would prevent the media from saying a race is over or giving the appearance of a landslide prior to some polls even closing.
  • Duplicate voting must be eliminated – We are supposed to be a nation of one person, one vote. However, those who cheat in elections are more than happy to vote several times in different locations, under different names, on behalf of deceased people, etc. This has to stop. We would support the Iraq idea of the “purple finger,” using a dye that cannot come off in a day to mark who has already voted. One person, one vote. No one should have a reasonable objection to this. Why would they? Unless, of course, they cheat to win.
  • Polling Place Intimidation must be eliminated – Despite the racist Obama administration and the racist Attorney General Eric Holder, the nation must insist that clear cases of voter intimidation (New Black Panthers caught on video) be fully prosecuted. In Holder’s racist world, the Justice Department is for blacks only. Groups like ACORN and Organizing for Obama’s Version of America are allowed to get away with election fraud. This cannot be tolerated. Poll workers who suggest who to vote for or ask about how a person voted must be prosecuted.
  • Patriotism – we believe we are free to disagree during elections (or any other time) loudly on policies, decisions, laws and issues…but beneath all of that is a bedrock belief in the goodness of the USA. We are not the bad guys. All of the world’s problems cannot be blamed on us. There is no need for an apology tour.


  • Actions Speak Louder than Words.  Each year, the democrat party convinces minorities to follow their parents and the rest of the crowd in voting for democrat politicians who SAY they care about minorities.  These liberals take great care to repeat over and over stories which claim Conservative Americans do not care about minorities and thus, the minority citizen has no choice but to vote for democrats and would be foolish to do otherwise.  It’s BS.  It was Republican Abe Lincoln who put an end to slavery.  It was republicans who voted for and approved civil rights legislation while democrats fought it.  So why on earth do minorities think the democrats care about them?  Because the democrats SAY they do.  Conservative American politicians need to forget the empty words and “just do it.” Conservatives need to work hard to improve the situations of poor minority citizens.  Go to them, listen to them, speak with them, educate them on the values we share with them, explain how programs meant to help have failed and how we’d like to eliminate them and replace them with real ideas that can actually help. This would include ideas such as eliminating marriage penalties to encourage more couples to get married and stay married, eliminating rewards for having multiple children out of wedlock, working to improve the economy, working with employers and technical colleges to train people for jobs in the area, and many others.


  • We support courts of, and for the people – a judicial system that does not include judges legislating from the bench and countless frivolous lawsuits. Judges appointed who will strictly interpret the Constitution and not make judgments based on other nations, their own politics, political pressure, Hollywood, racism, or polling data.


  • There are ways we can deal with immigration issues while at the same time stopping the tax Americans pay to provide non-citizens with education, government services and healthcare. We need to secure the border, stop punishing those who come here legally, START punishing those who come here illegally, fight back in the courts against the notion that U.S. Citizens can be forced to pay taxes to care for non-U.S. citizens, get the courts to rule that only citizens are entitled to the rights outlined in the Constitution of the citizens of the United States, enforce existing laws and have a policy to determine how many LEGAL immigrants are allowed in each year.


  • Stop the Luxury.  Instead of building prison law libraries so prisoners can file wasteful lawsuits, providing criminals computers with internet and top notch workout facilities, let’s go back to making prisons actual punishment Prisoners should work for the state or county that imprisoned them.  No compensation for that work, it’s punishment.  Have them mow government property, clean up communities, work at sewage treatment plants and pick up garbage.  If that means the community would not need as many government employees because prisoners are now doing the work, all the better! Instead of decades of repeating failed ‘rehabilitation’ programs, let’s make them do hard physical labor for long hours.  They might even learn an employable skill along the way.  And we need to stop paying for sex-change operations and other unnecessary medical procedures.


(This page is a living document and updated from time to time. If you have suggestions, please leave a comment…)

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