TV News tonight: Government Shutdown – Real People, Real Pain

abcdemocrat newsBy Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Fighting for the Constitution

Spare yourself the agony of watching the TV faux “news” tonight.  The democrat talking points will be repeated as fact.  The president’s day-old steam of lies will be repeated and contrasted with mean, old, white republicans like John Boehner and Eric Cantor.

The news anchors will pretend to be concerned about the “real people” in “real pain” they will showcase tonight.  One or two stories about them will air on Couric-BS, ABCDEmocrat News, and Microsoft’s NBC.  There will be little, if any, attempt to show the republican side.  Certain facts will be ignored:

  • Republicans are willing to talk.  Democrat party folks are not.
  • Republicans have already compromised, switching from defunding to simply delaying.  Democrat party folks have not compromised at all.
  • As Conservative American U.S. Senator Ted Cruz pointed out, this kind of situation is exactly why our founders put checks and balances in place.  The republicans have chosen to check and balance what the American people want (no ObamaCare Nightmare) against what the socialist-democrats are forcing upon the people.
  • This is not government by the people or for the people.  This is government for powerful, wealthy, white, fat-cat democrat politicians like Dicky Durbin, Harry Reid, Barack Hugo Obama, and Nancy Pelosi.

Instead of watching the TV news tonight, sit back in a lounge chair on your patio or balcony and have a nice cool glass of iced TEA.

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