Ukraine – All Options on Table (Where They Will Remain)

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

John Kerry
John Kerry
Look out! Secretary of State and Vietnam-Liar John Kerry said he is “Deadly Serious” about the situation in the Ukraine. No doubt Russia and its president Vladimir Putin are very afraid of that kind of language!

John Kerry is acting like a little school boy who runs to the teacher to complain that little Harry is breaking the rules. Hey John, you grew up and you are on the ‘leadership’ team now! You are the ‘teacher.’ Who exactly are you screaming at when you say little Vladdy broke the rules? Who are you looking to in seeking Justice?

But Kerry continues claiming, “All options are on the table.” He and President Obama are very comfortable having all options “on the table.”

The only time they’d be uncomfortable is if one of those options actually leaves the table to become a real “action.” Now THAT would make them uncomfortable!

President Obama again promising non-existent consequences
The Obama Who Cried Wolf
Team Obama cried wolf with shouts of “Serious consequnces!” for Iran. Result? Zilch.

Shepherd boy Obama cried wolf again, shouting, “Serious consequences!” for North Korea. Result? Nothing.

While no one was listening anymore, the boy President continued to cry, “Serious Consequences” for Pakistan. He promised again; more consequences if a red line was crossed in Syria. (Insert image here of world leaders yawning)

Here we go again. More threats of “Serious Consequences” for Russia if they cross some imaginary and rapidly retreating red line in the Ukraine. Words, just words.

Hey little shephard boy, no one is listening anymore.

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