Ukraine Trying to Break Free of Russia, Obama Busy Watching TV

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We have another story today of people seeking to have more freedom and Team Obama not wanting to “meddle.” It happened before when protesters gathered in Egypt and Iran. President Barack Obama promised to be a “light” for all those living under the darkness of tyranny. But then we all know the value of his promises; zippo.

The citizens of the nation of Ukraine are demonstrating against those in power, hoping to align themselves more with Europe than with Russia and the oppressive Vladimir Putin. But apparently $2-Billion buys you friends. Putin dumped the money in Ukraine government accounts today and forces immediately launched a crack-down on the demonstrations.

Reports say the President of the Ukraine was ready to sign a deal with the European Union but changed his mind after being pressured by Putin to maintain an alliance with neighboring Russia. That’s what started months of demonstrations.

So what is Obama doing about it? Well, the Clearly BS (CBS) News division says Obama is…, well he’s watching TV.

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