Under Obama: 1 Soldier Death every 16 Hours

Published on August 17, 2011

Since Barack Hussein Obama became Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces, one thousand three hundred and seventy three soldiers have lost their lives.


By Peter Andrew
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President Barack Obama said that if elected in 2008, on his first day in office in 2009 he would work on a plan to bring all troops home from Iraq. He lied. Not only has he still not made such a plan, he decided to leave 50,000 troops behind for an undetermined amount of time. To spin that a bit for his anti-war fans, he changed the names of the troops and called them “non-combat” troops!

The difference between a combat soldier and a non-combat soldier

Obama’s “Non-Combat” Solider

Commander Obama was going to be the anti-Bush. Instead he now uses troop surges, a prison in Guantanamo bay, and holds people without charge in prisons in Afghanistan. So much for being the anti-Bush.

Obama has been in office 937 days as of this writing. During that same time frame, 1.373 soldiers have been killed. That works out to just shy of 1.5 soldiers every day, or about 1 soldier every 16 hours. It means an average of 10 soldiers die every week Obama is in office.

So where is the anti-war left? They are frauds and predictably silent now that their own guy is in the White House. So much for national TV coverage of Cindy what’s-her-name and all of her protests. So much for the Dan Hubris Rather nightly listing of the soldiers killed each day. Nah, no time for that now. As Charles Hubris Gibson said when asked why he was no longer covering Cindy’s protests, ‘it’s time to move on.’

Our point is this; the democrats were wrong to use the deaths of soldiers for political gain.

To demonstrate the absurdity of the “Bush Death Counts” the DeadStream Media kept, and all the reports of “tragic milestones” in the death count, we have created a brilliant and equally absurd “Obama Death Count” at ConservativeAmerican.org. We explain it more here.

Predictably, the left blasts us without even reading the point of our article. They say its wrong to use military deaths for political purposes! Duh! That’s kind of our whole point!

We also list the names on our site of all of those who have given their lives since Obama became Commander. We want to honor them and remember them.

See the list of all soldiers who have died since Obama was sworn in here, here (page 2)and here (page three).

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