Understanding Fascism

By Peter Andrew ConservativeAmerican.org

Yesterday we asked if President Barack Obama is a Fascist.  Our conclusion is that he certainly is behaving like one.  We believe he is so far to the left, that he is behaving like a fascist. As a follow up today, we look at understanding Fascism.

Wait a minute.  Aren’t we all taught that Fascists are on the far right of the political spectrum? Didn’t they teach us that right wing extremists are the Fascists?  Yes, they did teach us that. They are wrong.

The great Walter Williams provides us with a link to an interesting 10-minute video on the political spectrum and the American form of government.  It does an excellent job of explaining that we are a republic, not a democracy.  It also makes some simple and clear points about where fascism lies on the political spectrum.

First the video demonstrates what we were taught.  As shown below, it points out the far left has the communists and that the far right supposedly is where the fascists like Adolf Hitler belong.  However, those that put fascists on the far right never define their terms or explain their reasoning…

Instead, the truth of the political spectrum places government control of everything on the left. This is indeed where the communists should be on the spectrum. However, on the far right is no government control of anything. The far right is no government at all, or anarchy…

So, it is accurate that conservatives and libertarians are more to the right of center. However, Conservative Americans like us are no where near “far rightwing extremists” as the newObama Homeland Security Department wants you to believe. It is, frankly, a stupid assertion by a radical president bent on suppressing the opposition.

His new Homeland Security report says if you are pro-lifeyou are a rightwing extremist! He has absolutely gone off the deep end with that assertion.  It is awful for him to try to paint an entire huge portion of the population as extremists.  It is a horrible injustice for him to ask police departments nationwide to keep an eye on these law-abiding, faith-filled, flag-waving Americans.  He has abandoned his Oath of Office and is no longer defending and upholding the US Constitution.  He is instead trying to reshape it, work around it and ignore it.

He should be charged in the US House and impeached so he can stand trial in the US Senate.  He has no right to proclaim that all of the sudden a group of honest, citizens who go to Church on Sunday (Obama missed Church the first 11 weeks he was in office) are extremists to be feared, watched, monitored and viewed as a threat.   If you are opposed to allowing illegal immigration, you are a rightwing extremist! America can no longer stand for this blatant disregard for our form of government and the US Constitution.

Conservatives are far from extremists.  The reality of the political spectrum puts conservatives on the right side of the republic column.  It looks more like this…


This great nation of ours, the greatest country the earth has ever known, is a republic.  The 10-minute video is worth watching.  Click here to see it.  Obama’s behavior suggests he is not interested in a republic, or even a democracy.  Instead his actions suggest his desire is to have a single-party oligarchy which he leads.


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