Village Voice Calls our Scandals List Among “Dumbest Rightblogger Ideas!”

By David Kraemer – ConservativeAmerican.org – Proudly hated by the left.

Today, one of the lefties at the It Takes A Village Voice blogs linked to us in its blog post about what they call the ten dumbest Rightblogger ideas!  Feels good to be complimented by the liberals at the voice!

You see, Roy Edroso and the Village people want you to buy the Obama line that the administration lies and scandals are all phony! Obviously, Conservative Americans know that is not true.  Abandoning the ‘leave no men behind’ promise, and doing nothing to save four Americans in Benghazi, Libya is hardly a phony scandal.  They are just hoping the typical Obama voters are dumb enough to believe it.  And many apparently are.

From the Village Voice, which says the Obama/Hillary scandals are “the little scandals that couldn’t!”…

voicelinkvoicelink1Use the links in the right column under the “Obama Scandals List” to see the 2,325 scandals they mention.  The list is in Chronological order starting with Obama’s youth.  The New Obama Scandals List is a current project which focuses only on the big ones (NSA, IRS, BENGHAZI, OBAMACARE, etc.).

I kind of like the word “Scandalettes” for some of the minor ones on the list.  But it hardly applies to the Village people’s example of the bloody Benghazi attack.  I have to chuckle when I read that he thinks the facts we present in the list, many of which are attributed to liberal news sources, are some kind of relaxing “alternative reality!”  This from the same team that brought us, the “If you like your plan, you can keep it. Period” alternative reality!!

You know he’s off the deep end when he claims Obama is middle of the road! The only road Obama would be in the middle of is one which has a Fascist Tyrant on one side and a mere Socialist Dictator on the other.  Without question, Obama is the most liberal, radical, extremist President we have ever had.  But you know that.

And as for the sample he picked, “Obama Lied about Need to take on Entitlements ‘Quickly!'”… what’s his point?  Is he denying that candidate Obama said he needed to take on entitlements quickly when he took office?  Candidate Obama did say that.  Yet when he took office, not only was entitlement reform not on the agenda, neither was the economy.  Perhaps he is trying to say that item is not a “scandal.”  Two responses to that.  First a scandal is simply something that brings shame or embarrassment. The president’s inability to tell the truth fits that definition.  Second, the list clearly states that it features all of the Team Obama lies, flip-flops, scandals, hypocrisies, etc.  That’s too long of a name, so we call it the “Scandals List.”

In any event, the link is another badge of honor for ConservativeAmerican.org!

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