Voters Need “Year of Action”

obama one faction of one party imageThe Washington Examiner says President Barack Obama will present a “progressive blueprint for a self-professed year of action” during his State of the Dictatorship address tonight.

Year of action?! For Obama?! He’s been on the job 5 years already, why start now?!

Instead of a year of illegal, skip-the-congress “action” by a President who cannot even get his own party to back him since the Obamacare Nightmare, why doesn’t Mr. Obama just keep doing what he has been?  Like golfing every Sunday, taking vacations, White House parties every Wednesday, etc.

Foxy Blondes News is running headlines like, “Competence questions threaten Obama’s executive push.” The questions about Obama’s competency, which Fox says “plaque his White House,” should have been raised (as we did) before November of 2008 and before November of 2012.

The YEAR OF ACTION needs to be one in which the voters in November give Conservative Americans more power in the U.S. House of Representatives and control of the U.S. Senate.

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