Walker Saves 1500 Union Jobs!

Published Mar 3, 2011

Governor Scott Walker moved today to save 1,500 union jobs. He took action today, while AWOL democrats, the ones who were supposed to be helping public sector union workers in Wisconsin, remained in hiding in Illinois.


By Peter Andrew
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Way to go Scott Walker! He scored a major victory for taxpayers and union members today when he signed his budget repair bill into law. Because of that signature, he was able to rescind layoff notices that went out last week.

So while lame union democrats remain with their leader, Mark Miller, in hiding in Illinois, it was the republicans in the end who took the action needed to save the jobs of present union employees.

So, which party is truly for the union workers? The one that turned down a better deal and ran away to hide in Illinois rather than debate the bill? Or the one that took necessary, difficult steps that wound up saving 1,500 jobs?

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