Was Eric Holder Right About Republicans?

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

Yes, it kills a part of me inside to even write it down. Was Eric Holder right when he said Americans were “Racial Cowards?”

impeach holder trial balloon

Racist Eric Holder

It was quite a statement from a man who himself is a racist. This white-hating law-breaking Attorney General should himself be impeached. Republicans floated a trial balloon on that a while back, but didn’t take it any further.

But is he right about republicans being racial cowards? There is absolutely not one other reason that entrenched permanent republicans have not moved to impeach President Obama. This president is the worst president in U.S. History, ignoring the constitution and the law as a matter of daily routine. He wakes up, does his excercises, takes his vitamins, breaks the law, and then golfs the rest of the day.

Republicans are trying to file suit against him for beaking the law. This is likely nothing more than an attempt to silence Conservative Americans who want President Obama impeached. They know they have no standing to take the President to court. The Supreme Court has told them so. The method provided by the constitution is to impeach the man.

Yes, I realize Socialist Harry Reid-er would never hold a trial to convict the half-black prince. But he would have to explain that. But Courage, the Cowardly Republicans (it’s a cartoon about a dog, nevermind) are too afraid they might lose their own permanent seats in Washington, D.C. if Americans are convinced by the Socialist-Democrats and their girlfriends in the media that the impeachment is only being done because Barack Obama is a black man. The story would immediately be put forth, by none other than the President himself, that this is proof once and for all that republicans hate black people. And the wimpy weepublicans are too worried they might lose their jobs if they do so.

It’s not about them.

Perhaps Eric Holder was right.

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