Was Palin Drunk?

By Peter Andrew

Was Sarah Palin intoxicated when she gave her “I love Donald” speech? Did anyone else notice how she kept losing her place? Now, any of you who know me, know that I was Sarah Palin’s biggest defender in 2007 and 2008. I even ran the only official Sarah Palin fan club. But she was simply off her game when she endorsed The Donald.

At one point, she looked back down at her notes and repeated the same line she had just read. For a lady who makes fun of President Obama and his need for a teleprompter, she sure could have used one herself the other night.

And there was something about her voice that was different too. Her one-liners didn’t get the great response she is used to. Her laughter seemed more like an annoying cackle. All in all it was just a very odd sight.

I’m not surprised by the endorsement. Palin considers herself somewhat post-party, that is to say she is less concerned about being called a democrat or a republican and more concerned about being right. Sounds a lot like Donald Trump.

For her next speech, maybe she could rehearse a bit more.

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