Washington Examiner’s Stupid Hillary Conclusion

By David Kraemer – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right

Here’s the Hillary scoop from reporter Paul Bedard in the Washington Examiner today

With a crushing dominance shown in repeated polls, Democrat Hillary Clinton is on a path to do something her husband and two-term president never achieved: win a majority of more than 50 percent of the presidential vote in 2016.

She is on the path to do what?! This is ridiculous.

We are 2 and one-half years away from the election. Polls at this point are beyond stupid. Her Hillaryness hasn’t even announced she is running. And the republicans have not selected a person as the 2016 candidate yet. Polls putting up fake contestants and seeing how they do against other fake contestants give you what kind of results?

Yep. Fake results.

Hillary RahmRod Clinton is no more poised to accomplish more than husband Billy Bob than anyone else is. This is just Paul Bedard having a dream outloud. If Hillary runs, Andrew Cuomo might run against her and get the nomination. An alien might land on earth and visit Bill Clinton! It’s silly to make such claims this far out when the whole world can change in a minute.

It’s funny how Sarah Palin was described as divisive and a drain on the republicans because so many people were unsure about her. Now, however, with Madame Hillary (who is at least as divisive as Sarah Palin ever was), the former First Lady never is described as divisive or a drain on the democrat party. Bedard and others just choose to ignore all of Hillary Clinton’s numerous flaws, lies and scandals. She is far from an ideal candidate. She has a reputation of dishonesty and cruelty to others.

Sorry, Mr. Bedard.

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