Washington Post Agrees – Obama is Pinocchio!

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right

As we pointed out pinocchio-250x250three days ago, the President told another whopper the other day when he tried to convince people that “never before” has anyone ever dared to challenge a President and hold out unless they get 100% of what they want.  He made the comment, now part of a stump speech, to criticize republican meannies for daring to say they might not give him a continuing budget resolution to keep the federal government going.  No doubt the President would also say this was “unprecedented.”  That’s one of Obama’s Top Ten favorite words.

Glenn Kessler and the Washington Post today also jumped in giving this claim four Pinocchios!

“…starting in 1953 during the Dwight Eisenhower administration, fiscal conservatives in Congress at times have used the debt limit as a way to force concessions by the executive branch on spending. Eisenhower, a Republican, had particular trouble with a Democrat, Sen. Harry F. Byrd of Virginia, over the debt ceiling because Byrd was skeptical of Eisenhower’s plans to build the national highway system.”

Oh wait, let me grab a Kleenex while I cry for poor, poor Mr. Obama!  Never ever before, not ever ever, in history of the whole nation, the world, the universe, has anyone ever ever, never been as mean to him as this.  Poor little guy.  Don’t you just feel for the one Rush Limbaugh called “the Boy-President.”

Grow-up Obama.  You’re acting like a 2-year-old with you foolish lies.

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