Ways Obama Cheated to Win in 2012

President Richard M. Nixon got in big trouble for cheating to try to win an election. Before the U.S. House could impeach him, he chose to resign in disgrace.

President Barack H. Obama should also be in big trouble for the many ways he cheated to win the 2012 election. How did he cheat to win?

· Lied about the cause of the Benghazi attack along with Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice, blaming a video and arresting the poor guy who made the thing

· Delayed the Benghazi investigation and prevented those on the ground from testifying about what happened until after the election

· Illegally used the IRS to target Tea Party and Conservative American groups by delaying and denying applications to form groups that could fundraise to fight the socialist Obama agenda

· Illegally used the IRS to target supporters of Mitt Romney with IRS audits

· Artificial jobless numbers were created just prior to the election which stated that unemployment had dropped from 8.1% to just 7.8%. That was a lie created using made-up numbers.

· Used the NSA to spy on every American, monitoring phone calls, emails and more. And we’re supposed to believe they didn’t listen in on phone calls where republican strategy was made?

· And I believe the administration conspired with the press to essentially create a fake presidential debate featuring Candy Crowley. Crowley conveniently “just happened to have” a copy of the President’s remarks the day after the Benghazi attack on her desk so she could inaccurately state that the President did indeed call the event an act of terrorism. He did no such thing. He never said that. In the middle of other sentences about the incident. He added a line that said we’re against all terrorism everywhere it happens. That statement in no way indicates that Obama felt the specific attack in Benghazi was a terrorist attack. It’s not even close. But, it was enough to befuddle Mitt Romney, who stood aghast, unable or unwilling to respond, thus almost accepting the Crowley lie as fact.

He cheated in many ways to win the election. This is far worse than anything Richard Nixon ever did or even thought about doing. President Barack Obama should be impeached. NOW.

Where are the republican guts in the U.S. House? If they’re still afraid of doing this because they don’t want mean people to pick on them and call them racist, it’s time for them to get over that and do what is right for the nation. I don’t care what color the President’s skin is. It is wrong for a President to cheat to win reelection. Period.

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