Ways to Stop Federal Abuses of Power

By David Kraemer – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right
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As we point out on Truths We Hold page, government regulations have grown at an astonishing rate. These regulations are another way the executive branch of government is abusing power and overstepping its authority.

Presidents now have federal agencies and secret back-room czars writing up “regulations” that basically are considered the “law of the land.” No vote took place in the House or the Senate. The President didn’t sign anything into law. Just some pro-regressive, misguided liberal sitting in an office somewhere with a holier-than-thou attitude designing new regulations that increase the cost of business and drive companies out of the country. Presidents have discovered this is one way they can get what they want by simply skipping congress.

That’s not the intent of our Founding Fathers and it is a clear abuse of power. It’s not just been Barack Obama either, Republicans and democrats alike have abused this and its time to wake up the other two branches of government. Both the legislative and judicial branches have been asleep on the job and ignoring their duty to keep the executive branch in check. No more checks and balances. It’s worse now under Obama. Any check or balance, wimpy republicans worry, will be considered racism. The republicans act as if the liberal press would stop calling republicans racists simply because the GOP ignores its duty to serve as a check and balance on this abuse of power!! Get over yourselves! You’ll still be called racists regardless of what you do. So do your damn job!

There are some simple things we can do to reign this in.

regulationsFirst, make congress pass things one at a time. This wipes out pork waste and makes them vote on each individual item instead of sneaking things into larger bills, like the 50-gazillion page Obamacare Nightmare! They’ll kick and scream and claim its just not practical. Poor babies. The truth is it takes away some of their abuse of their own powers and they won’t like it. Too bad, so sad.

Second, pass a law that says that agency or department or “special task force” (or whatever they call these czars) regulations are to be viewed only as suggestions unless they are specifically and individually approved by congress and signed into law by the President. That’s right, they’ll have to vote on every damn one of them and then be accountable for how they voted!

One item at a time. Yes or no. Stop the corruption and abuse of power. If you want to vote to give your pal in another state a pork project, then vote yes and explain it to your own district. If you don’t want to explain it, then the party is over. Stop abusing your authority!

Third, for every new law passed, make congress get rid of two or three that are no longer needed.

And here’s a novel idea congress, how about actually serving (not just talking about it, Mr. Boehner) as a check and balance to the other two branches of government. Instead, we live in an insane time when socialist-democrats applaud their first half-white, half-black president when he says he will ignore them whenever he feels like it!

The so-called 4th estate, the press, could also get off its stupid socialist, liberal crusade and start doing its own damn job too. How about actually treating President Obama the same as you would treat a President Bush or a President Scott Walker. Is abusing power and skipping congress good or bad? Make up your damn mind, reporters. If it is bad, then its bad when Bush does it and its bad when Obama does it. The stupidity of the press ignorning wrong-doing by its favorite party will eventually be its own demise.

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