What Conservative Americans Stand For

By Peter Andrew
Leading the way Right

People toss around terms like liberal and conservative, but do we all know what these terms mean? What does a conservative American believe? What does it mean to be conservative? Why should we support conservatives? Many people think of “conservative” as a dirty word, almost a fringe element of politics…that comes thanks to a few goofballs in the public and a whole bunch of democrats in the media. They’d even have you believe, as Chucky Doll Todd suggests at MicroSoftNBC, that George W. Bush was a conservative! Not so.


Let’s set the record straight. Conservatives are not mean. Conservatives don’t hate other people based on race, sexual orientation or religion. Conservatives don’t want to convert everyone to Christianity or force God on anyone.

Conservatives believe things you believe. We share your values. Like you, we think the United States of America is the greatest nation on earth. So what does it mean to be conservative? Below is a list of 14 core values of conservatives. You might be surprised to learn you are a conservative after all!


What the Conservative American believes in, values we share with you:

  1. Lower taxes – on you, your neighbors and the businesses you own or work for.
  2. Smaller government – not just eliminating scheduled spending increases, but finding failing and unnecessary government programs to eliminate completely, perhaps even eliminating entire federal departments. Fiscal responsibility. Conservatives believe in the power of the individual, not the power of the government.
  3. Less Government Regulation – Government needs to find ways to help employers, not hinder their ability to succeed. Unnecessary laws should be eliminated. “Government is not the answer to our problems, government is the problem.” – Conservative American President Ronald Reagan
  4. The Strongest Military in the World – the best people, technology, strategies and equipment providing peace through strength and wisdom. Providing security for our nation and our people.
  5. Honoring the Military – ConservativeAmerican.org believes most pay levels for the military are substantially out of date and too low. This is one area where the conservative American believes we should increase spending. ConservativeAmerican.org suggests we should double the pay given to our enlisted men and women, increase other wages and benefits, and take better care of our injured veterans. We need to provide insurance to those in the military that will provide substantial death benefits for those who pay the ultimate sacrifice, particularly those who leave families behind. Let’s show these brave and unselfish people how grateful a nation can be. If we can afford “Cash for Clunkers,” we certainly can afford “Cash for Heroes!”
  6. Energy Independence – Drill for oil on US territory now. Drill off shore, just far enough where the platforms can’t be seen from the mainland. Drill in Alaska, Drill in the Gulf. Drill off both coasts. Find oil right here. Mine Coal. Encourage new coal power plants with clean coal technology. Use more nuclear power. We want clean air, water and land, but we don’t believe in the theory of global warming and we know that people are part of nature too. We don’t want public schools used to further political agendas like global warming and socialism. We believe in working with those who can help protect the environment, but who also realize we must use our own resources of coal and oil. Let private industry research and develop wind power, solar power and other methods of generating electricity if those things can prove profitable. Let the private sector determine if there is a way to make these methods work in the USA. If so, they will proceed with these ventures.
  7. A USA that is the Most Prosperous Country on Earth – a nation of people who keep us an economic superpower. A nation that offers the freedom to dream your own unique dream, to act on those dreams and to enjoy the fruits of your labors, a bountiful harvest. American ingenuity, creativity and prosperity that leads to charity, and people helping each other. Free market capitalism without socialist bailouts and government meddling. Not a nation that is a wholly owned subsidiary of the People’s Republic of China. Not a nation of unlimited and unchecked government spending and entitlements.
  8. Freedom & Liberty– Freedom is our greatest gift to each other, a treasure paid for and maintained by our military, freedom and liberty to speak our minds, to bear arms and to pursuit the right to life, liberty and happiness. This is the most basic fabric of our nation, the cornerstone of our greatness. We cannot allow Socialism to creep in and begin to erode our freedoms and liberties. We don’t call protesters “Nazis” or “Evil-Mongers.”
  9. Patriotism – we are free to disagree loudly on policies, decisions, laws and issues…but beneath all of that is a bedrock belief in the goodness of the USA. We are not the bad guys. All of the world’s problems cannot be blamed on us. There is no need for an apology tour.
  10. A Free & Fair Media – we believe in a nation where various sides to an issue are heard and presented, where the media consumer is not mislead into a pre-conceived conclusion based on a political motivation and on the belief that what they have seen is “news” and therefore must be true. We believe in media as a watchdog to ensure government’s goodness without jeopardizing national security.
  11. Courts of, and for the People – a judicial system that does not include judges legislating from the bench and countless frivolous lawsuits. Judges appointed who will strictly interpret the Constitution and not make judgments based on other nations, Hollywood, racism, or polling data.
  12. Free & Fair Elections – national photo identification requirements, purple finger one vote for each methods, private voting free of intimidation by groups like ACORN.
  13. The Sanctity of Human Life – protecting all citizens from the moment of conception until life’s natural end, eliminating abortion and protecting the elderly from things like the ObamaCare Nightmare.
  14. The Awesome Power of God – We are a proud nation with a rich history based on our Constitution. We are a nation founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs and we don’t apologize for that. It is these same beliefs that have caused us to welcome people of all faiths to join us in America where we celebrate freedom of (not freedom from) religion. We believe God has blessed the USA and has entrusted many gifts to us. We believe certain rights are inalienable because they were bestowed by God, not government.

Are you a Conservative American? Some Conservative Americans also are republicans. Other Conservative Americans believe the republican party has strayed too far away from these 14 core conservative values and identify themselves only as “Conservative Americans.”

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