What Ever Happened to Reince Priebus?

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Your opportunity to invest in America at prices that may not ever be seen again!

GOP Leader Reince Priebus
RNC Chair Reince Priebus

What happened to Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus?

I happened to be from Wisconsin and I can tell you Reince Priebus was Superman in this state.  He was the smartest, most successful and coolest state party chair!  He is responsible for the strategy and leadership that allowed Wisconsin to replace a democrat governor with a Conservative American, Scott Walker.  His strategies gave the state both a state house and state senate run by Conservative Americans, the Fitzgerald Brothers.  He embraced the Tea Party while others around the country ran for the hills.  He recruited Tea Party candidates into the fold and put that energy to work INSIDE the GOP.  This resulted in the victory of Conservative American U.S. Senator Ron Johnson.

So where did that guy go?

Did the national republican party defeat his spirit?  Did they swallow him up and replace him with a new Washington-style permanent republican? Who is it that is prohibiting him from taking his Wisconsin strategy national? His success in Wisconsin won him the national leadership of the GOP.  But now…


…it seems now Priebus is not being allowed to use that same strategy on a national basis.  The national RNC and Washington GOP leaders seem to be personally insulted by the Conservative American Tea Party movement.  The success of that movement is a personal threat to their own ability to sit in a cozy and warm, vibrating recliner in Washington.  They run from Conservative Americans like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee.  They publicly disassociate themselves with these men.

So I ask, what ever happened to Reince Priebus?  Where is he?

The GOP is wrong to hide from the Tea Party and buy into the socialist-union-democrat bullogna that the Tea Party are the extremists in the nation and not them with their fundamental transformation of America.  The national party needs to embrace the Tea Party, party leaders need to attend Tea Party rallies and speak at them, the national party needs to bring the excitement and energy INTO the GOP instead of shoving it aside.  The GOP needs to recruit Tea Party candidates and support them.

The Ken Cuccinelli defeat is an example of what happens when the national party listens to Karl Rove and puts is snobby nose up in the air, refusing to support anyone that is in the Tea Party.  A little support from the RNC and Cuccinelli could have won.  If the national strategy remains to divide instead of to unite, the democrats will laugh all the way to their new offices.

If anyone sees the real Reince Priebus, let me know.

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