What NSA Changes?

bigbrotherBy Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Talk Radio for your PC.

Everyone’s talking about proposed changes to the NSA spying program which allows the government to record and listen to every phone call you make, every email, every Skype message you send, etc.  What changes?!

All King Obama said was maybe, maybe he will consider letting someone other than the government store the data. So instead of the government storing the data, they’ll contract with someone else who will store the data.  Where’s the beef? Where’s the change?  The government would still have full control and could get at the data anytime it wanted. 

This is nothing more than the latest attempt to get the media to stop focusing on the Obamacare Nightmare or the Benghazi scandal which this week was blamed on Hillary 2016 Clinton.

The change we need is for the NSA to stop spying on Americans, period. If they suspect someone is a terrorist, they should go to court and get permission to spy on that individual only, not on everyone in whole freaking country.  I know many conservatives like the NSA spying because it makes them feel safe.  I’m not one of them.  Giving up liberty to save liberty is nonsense.  This has to stop.


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