What Obama Should Say to Young Black Men

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Genuine concern for all

Here is our message to young black men.  This is a group of people in our nation perhaps more at risk than any other.  I was so hopeful when President Barack Obama was elected as the first partially black president that he would reach out to this group of people.  While he had a white mother, he also had a black father and had a unique and unprecedented opportunity to speak with young black men and make a real difference in their lives.  President Obama chose not to do soBlack unemployment and poverty has only gotten worse since Obama was elected.  The life expectancy of young black men is dismal.  This must change.

As a Conservative American, I’m tired of both parties ignoring the problems of inner cities.  Take Milwaukee for example, the awful public school system has been tolerated for decades by both republican and democrat state administrations.  Why are people so willing to let others fail?

I believe there is hope for young black men.  I think there are three ingredients for them to have strong futures with love in their lives, a sense of community, and financial security.


High School Education

  • If you want to succeed, you have to start young.  You have to go to school every day you are healthy.  Get there on time.
  • Behave in class.  Listen to the teachers.  You can have fun and goof around like the other kids, just make sure you don’t go overboard.  Accept consequences for your actions.  Expect them.
  • Always do your homework and complete your assignments on time, even for boring classes or boring teachers.
  • Starting in grade school, set a goal for yourself.  Tell yourself now that you will graduate from high school and you will have options for a bright future after that.  Right those goals down.  Put them on your bathroom mirror.  Look at them every day.  “I am a winner.  I can succeed if I work hard.  I will work hard and I will graduate from high school.”
  • When you fall behind or just don’t understand, ask your teachers for help.  If one can’t or won’t help, ask another until you find one willing to invest time in your bright future. Tell anyone who will listen that your goal is to graduate from high school.  Tell the person helping you that you need their help to make sure you get good grades in all of your classes.
  • Don’t settle for passing grades.  Why just be average?  You are smarter than that.  You are more capable than that! Instead, set a goal in your favorite class to do something amazing in that subject matter that will impress your teacher.  Make your projects better than others in your class.  Score higher on the tests.  You know you can do it and I know you can do it.  It takes hard work.   Learn that lesson young: if you work hard, you can and will achieve good things in your life.
  • This is the United States of America and you can succeed!  You are just as capable as anyone else.  Don’t listen to a single person (not family, not friends, not pastors, not neighbors, not anyone) if they tell you that you cannot succeed, or that you won’t amount to anything.  People who are not successful and have not achieved things in life are always trying to hold you down to make themselves feel better.  You know they are wrong. You ARE a winner and you WILL succeed!  Tell yourself that everyday.



  • I have been impressed my whole life with the strength and joy and faith found inside black churches.  The joyful singing is contagious and makes everyone smile.  The strength of belief in a higher power, in a better day, in a life in heaven is impressive.  Go to church as often as you can with your parents.  I don’t care what church or how many blacks, whites or others go there.  If you only live with your mother, go to church with her as often as you can.  Call your father and invite him to join you for church.  Tell him it would make you feel great if he would do that.  If you don’t know where he is, try to find him and invite him.  If you simply can’t find him or if he has passed away, pray for him every time you are in church.  If your mom has to work, is too tired, or simply doesn’t want to go to church you should go anyway.  Take a sibling or a friend.  Or ask a friend to take you to church with him.  If all else fails, go by yourself.  Introduce yourself to the person next to you.  Try to meet the pastor.
  • Faith will help you in all aspects of your life.  God doesn’t love that little white boy more than he loves you.  God doesn’t want the wealthier boy to succeed more than he wants you to succeed.  God doesn’t want that child in your class with two parents and new clothes to achieve more in life than you.  God loves you just as you areGod believes in you.  Now you believe in Him.
  • The destruction of the black family over the last 50 years is a terrible crime committed against black people by elite politicians pretending to help.  If you haven’t seen the movie, “The Help,” get it and watch it.  Watch how the white women pretend to care about black children by supposedly raising money for them.  They don’t really care.  They just want to look like they doBeware of these people, but don’t base it on their skin color, wealth, or political party.  You are smart.  Make your own decisions about who you trust.  For black men to continue to succeed generation after generation, for your own black son to succeed someday, the power and joy of the black family must be restored.  That family, with a married mother and father living with their own children, is vital.  You can help with that by going to Church.
  • You can also help with that as a teenager.  Don’t make love with someone just because you can.  Try as hard as you can to wait until you are married to do so.  Listen to your pastor about this.  This is the right thing to do and will please your God.  Never have sex with a girl unless you are willing to marry her.  She may get pregnant (regardless of what safety measures you take).  If she gets pregnant, stand up and be a man.  Marry her.  Yes, if you are old enough, you need to marry her and promise to love her and your child and take care of them both.  If you are not old enough to marry, you should not be having sex in the first place.  Remember your goal: graduate from high school so you have options for a bright future.  Pray for strength to wait.  If you are young and she gets pregnant, marry the girl.  If you have no idea how to provide for her and your child, do the right things.
  • Right things like: don’t ask the government for handouts.  You aren’t a charity case You are a winner!  You can succeed!  Graduate from high school if you have not done so.  If you cannot work yet, ask your parent or hers if you can live with them until after you graduate.  Offer to help with chores and make sure you do so.  Your wife should help as well.
  • There are evil people in the world.  Face the fact head on that some of them don’t care about you at all.  In fact, their concern is only that you stay poor, uneducated and unmarried.  They don’t even care if you join a gang and get shot to death.  How could people be so evil?  That’s a great conversation to have with your pastor.  Go to church and ask him.
  • If you don’t believe me, look around.  The government rewards you for not marrying the girl by offering her more financial help if she is not married.  You are smart.  Ask yourself, why would the government do that?  Why would they want to encourage you not to get married?  What do they gain from destroying the sacred black family that once was so strong?  Not only were these families made up of a married Mom and Dad, but married grandparents as well with strong values and stronger faith.  Who benefits from keeping you down?  Don’t jump to the conclusion that it is “all” white people.  Those who benefit come in all colors.  Don’t jump to the conclusion that it is all republicans, or worse yet, those “nasty conservatives” you’ve been lied to about.  That is nonsense.  Who is telling you those things?  The people who suggest these things are either those trying to prevent you from succeeding or those brainwashed into believing the nonsense rather than thinking for themselves.  Some whites are awful people.  Some republicans and conservatives can be racist people.  Some blacks are awful people.  Some democrats and liberals can be racists.  You are smart.  Make your own decisions.
  • Don’t listen to those who tell you not to get married because then your girlfriend can get free government help to care for the kids and you are off the hook.  Even if these are your friends and even if that say that with good intentions, these are the voices they have heard (and are repeating) that are DESIGNED to hold you down.  Racism and evil exist in people of all skin colors and from all political parties.  Make no mistake.  Systems are in place that have been intentionally DESIGNED to break up your family, keep you poor, keep you on welfare, keep you in the tough section of the inner city and “out of the way.”  Will you listen to them?  Hell no!  You are a winner and you can succeed!
  • When you are in trouble turn to God, not the government.  When you need help don’t go to “The Man” in the government for help.  Remember, these government systems have been in place for nearly 50 years since President Johnson supposedly made things better for blacksYou know those systems have not workedYour families have been destroyed by a government “just trying to help.”  Your pride has been beaten down and your girlfriends welcome the chance to submit to “The Man,” take the handouts, and continue the cycle of poverty the system has designed to keep you down.  It’s BULLSH**!  You have talents and blessings from a loving God.  You are, as Pope John Paul II said, “A unique and unrepeatable gift from God.”  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
  • When you are in need or in trouble, ask your church and family for help.  Keep that goal in mind and make sure you graduate.



  • You can succeed.  I know you can and you know you can.  You do have to try.  You do have to follow rules, go to school, work hard.  You can achieve your goal to graduate from high school and you will have options available to you.  This is America!  You can do it!  You can be a welder, a dentist, a scientist, an engineer, heck… you can even be President of the United States of America!  And when you are, speak to the black young men as a role model.  Help break these generations of designed poverty.
  • Once you have graduated, do something special just for yourself as a reward.  You deserve it!
  • You do NOT HAVE TO go to college.  There are good paying jobs, family-supporting jobs, that do not require a college degree.  You can become an apprentice and learn a trade and there are other choices.  You have already succeeded in life.  You graduated. You are 18 now and the world is yours. You pick what you want to do!
  • COMMUNITY COLLEGE is an option.  Study to work with computers or become a machinist or a welder. You met your goal and you can do this!
  • Four-year liberal arts colleges are dying, they just don’t know it yet.  Many young people are so fascinated with a subject area, that even in middle school and high school they take it upon themselves to learn everything they can.  They use the internet at the library, school or home to learn even more.  Some know how to program websites as kids.  Because of this, some are simply skipping the 4-year “mandatory” degree that has been pushed on them for decades.  They go right into the workforce and find their own way.  The idea of a liberal arts degree is to create well-rounded citizens.  They give you 2 years of studying rocks, foreign languages, and other things that likely have nothing at all to do with the thing you really want a degree in.  Eventually colleges and universities will figure this out and offer two-year bachelor’s degree programs.  They aren’t there yet.  You may need a 4-year degree to get your dream job.  For example, if you want to be a doctor or a nuclear engineer, you won’t get a job without that college degree.  There are so many choices for you now!
  • Find black male role models.  These can be national figures or people from your own community or church.  If they are local, try to meet with them.  They are fools if they turn you down.  They should be flattered to know you look up to them (tell them so when you call for the meeting).  Ask them just to meet with you and offer some advice on succeeding in life.  Who knows, they might even hire you someday!
  • Fight for yourselfYou weren’t born just to be held down.  You were not created simply to exist on government handouts.  You can and will do better.  Believe in yourself.  Don’t let whites, blacks, or anyone hold you down.  Don’t accept liberal or conservative, republican or democrat programs-and-help if you know they are only designed to permanently keep you in need You are worth more than that! Stand up and fight for yourself.  Get 20 rejections looking for a job?  Keep going.  Maybe it takes 59 tries or 159 tries.  Keep going.  Why let others tell you “No?”  Keep going, keep fighting, you will get a job and you can succeed.
  • Be very skeptical of the government.  Both parties continue to make the government bigger and bigger. Systems and programs were created by people who wanted others to think they cared about you.  Don’t get me wrong.  Don’t starve to death!  If you absolutely need government help, get it.  But tell yourself, promise yourself, it is only temporary.  Set a goal for how long you will need to rely on others for your well being.  That feeling of needing the government or needing others to succeed yourself is a sickening and self-destructive feeling that will not go away.  It will suck the life right out of you.  Don’t let others do that to you.  Get help for a few months if you absolutely need to do so.  Ask your family and church first.  Then fight.  Fight for yourself, get back on your feet, and succeed.


True Conservative Americans believe the future can be strong for you.  You need to believe it also.  You need to make it happen.  Don’t wait for things to happen for you.  Go and make them happen the way you want them to.  If a task is too big, divide it into steps and make a list.  Check off each step of success as you achieve it.

The nation will only be stronger with the help of young black men like you.

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