What’s This?! Obama Starts a War over Evil, Black Oil?

March 19, 2011

I’m glad President Obama is stepping up to the plate to help the people of Libya obtain their freedom. However, one must take a moment to notice the irony and hypocrisy here. The man who was the anti-Bush, has now become George W. Bush!

Is Obama waging war all about oil?! Is he doing this to keep oil prices low just so gasoline will cost less? Just so he can win re-election?! If he was Bush, this would be the claim!


By Peter Andrew
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After deciding the run for President in 2008, Barack Hussein Obama made it clear that he was no George W. Bush. He would never start a war without our nation being attacked like Bush did in Iraq! He would be hopey and changey!

Or, perhaps Obama is all Samey Samey! After all, he just started a war… all about OIL!

The Bamster today had our warships launch military strikes against the government of Libya! Missiles were launched at the order of Commander in Chief Obama to take out Muammar Qaddafi’s air force and ability to attack his own people.

Don’t get me wrong, my only criticism of this military action is how long it took to begin.

Ah, but how many innocent civilians will be killed because of Obama’s “ruthless” attacks? How many peace-lovers will protest and say Libya will be far worse off under new rule than it was with Gadhafi?

Surely we will see tonight on the national news all the outrage right? All the protests from the anti-war left? Surely there will be loud criticism of this decision to attack another nation that was no threat to our own, riiiiiiiight?

We know the answers. This will be just another time when pro-regressive liberals show their blazing hypocrisy. All military action, even the presence of a military itself, is evil and wrong and expensive when a republican is in charge. How much did the 100+ cruise missiles launched today cost?!

For Bush to take military action against a nation, a nation full of oil, supposedly to simply free its people was an absolute sin! It was crime against the people of America and against the people of the world! They shouted how Bush was a war criminal.

Now, with Obama taking military action against a nation, a nation full of oil, supposedly to simply free its people is an absolute… what? Is this a crime against the people of America? Is this a crime against the world?

Is this an Obama war all about oil?! Is Obama a war criminal?!

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