Where is Ryan Response to Unemployment Benefits Ending?

By David Kraemer – ConservativeAmerican.org – Talk Radio for your PC!

Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan

Democrats love the new budget deal. They got almost everything they wanted, except the extension (again) of unemployment benefits. But then, maybe they wanted that? It gave them an easy post-Christmas way to change the subject off of Obamacare and back onto how awful those mean ol’ wascilly wepublicans are for knocking people off unemployment benefits.

Conservative American Paul Ryan crafted the deal along with one democrat. Okay, Mr. Ryan, you’re a smart guy. You knew this was coming. What’s the plan?

The stories have started already, even from Fox news, and what’s your response? What’s your strategy to handle this?

So far the only one sticking up for republicans is that one guy in the Senate they seem to hate, Conservative American Rand Paul. He says the continued extension of unemployment benefits time, and time again, actually aggravate unemployment instead of doing something to help with job creation. The President could start with 20,000 jobs from the pipeline.

The point here though is, where is Mr. Ryan’s response?

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