White House to Admit Cruz was Right

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right

The democrat party’s NBC news division, now admits Ted Cruz was right after all!. They are reporting even the White House will soon admit Conservative American Ted Cruz, the same guy they called a Tea Party anarchist (and a hostage-taker, etc.), was right after all.

It was Senator Ted Cruz who first asked for defunding Obamacare, and then was willing to compromise and agree to a simple delay in implementing the Obamacare Nightmare. Let’s see now, were the socialist-democrats willing to compromise? Nope.

Here’s what the party’s pretend “news” division says…

Gosh, I didn’t hear the part where they admitted Senator Cruz was right. Did you?

Now a six-week delay is waste from a male cow, it should be delayed until 2017. But it certainly is humorous to see the dems, only days after trying to crucify Conservative American Hero Ted Cruz, now suggesting that perhaps he was right after all!!

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