Do we really know why we would bomb Syria?

By Peter Andrew –ConservativeAmerican.org    If the other guys are ‘think tanks,’ then we’re a THINK BATTALION!

Are we starting another war in the Mid-East simply to preserve the fictitious legacy the democrat-press has created for Barack Hugo Obama? It certainly seems that way. They want to make certain the Mt. Rushmore-bound first “black” president has a wonderful legacy of calming the seas and winning the peace prize.

Try as they might, I believe history will show the nation’s first white-black president, the first socialist president of the USA, will be remembered for his Legacy of Lies.  Congress and the nation’s voters will be scolded by historians for failing miserably to act on Mr. Obama’s numerous violations of the Constitution.  He was given a pass, they will write, because he was half-black.  The nation’s whites, thanks to the socialist-union-democrat-run public schools, still believe they must carry guilt about what happened to black people in the past in this nation.  That white guilt, and the fear that a liberal lamestream media type might call someone a racist, has people scared to even suggest this president should be impeached for any number of reasons.  In that sense only, (be still my heart… I can’t believe I’m about to say this) the racist Eric Holder was correct in calling us a nation of racial cowards.  Unfortunately, he and his boss have repeatedly taken advantage of this artificial, teacher’s union-imposed white guilt as they laugh all the way to their banks.

We’re not afraid.  Impeach him!  Call us racists, we don’t care.  We at ConservativeAmerican.org know we are correct.  Why impeach him?  How about illegally stealing GM and Chrysler form the people who gave them credit?  How about inventing the power to fire the CEO of a privately run corporation?  How about taking the American taxpayer-owned asset of GM and Chrysler and simply donating it to the socialist-union-democrat United Auto Workers union?  How about failing to uphold and defend the Constitution and instead filing lawsuits against the states that dare to do so?  How about for the U.S. Department of Justice simply deciding that black on white crime is okay (black panther voter intimidation), while fake white (Zimmerman was Hispanic) on black crime will result in spending federal money to rile up locals to demand a guilty verdict?  How about for nationalizing healthcare against the will of the people? We could go on and on.

And now he wants to start another war?  U.S. Senator Rand Paul is correct.  Congress should vote “no” on attacking Syria.  I don’t mean to be rude, but… (thank you Simon Cowell for that line), we have a dictator on one side and radical Islamists bent on the destruction of the west on the other side.  If they want to shoot each other, why would we get in the middle?

Is it for oil?  That’s what they said about ‘W.’  If that is the reason, there is no need.  Build the ()*$)@*# pipeline from Canada and bring the oil we need from our friends to the north!  Nope, the dufus-in-chief is against creating all those jobs.

This attack on Syria all bovine feces. It doesn’t pass the smell test.

We let four Americans die in Benghazi, we let the people who killed them have coffee with reporters and never capture or kill them, we put up with Hillary RahmRod Clinton and the President himself being dishonest to the family members of the deceased and we took no military action.  There was no need, they decided.  “What difference does it make?!” the White House wannabee witch scolded us.

So why now?

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