Why @HughHewitt & @BenSasse are Wrong

Ben Sasse and Hugh Hewitt are calling for Donald Trump to step aside now that stupid comments Trump made about women digging him have been made public.

The comments were stupid. I won’t defend them. However the words of Donald Trump are nothing when compared to the actual actions of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Cheating Bill has attacked and even raped women. In response, Hillary ran campaigns to destroy and discredit the women Bill attacked.

Hewitt and Sasse should be pointing this out and calling for Hillary to step down, not Donald. At the very least they should call for both to step down. Makes you wonder who’s side they are on. But we know the answer to that.

They’re on the same side as Paul Ryan and Mike Lee. They’re on the side of the status quo and they’d rather have Hillary win to maintain their power and comfort than give Trump a chance to shake things up.

This is insane.

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