Why is Obama called the First ‘Black’ President, not the First ‘African American’ President? & BTW, He is Neither.

Why is President Obama called the first “Black” President, when we were all told not to call people black? Why is it suddenly okay again? Hmmmm?

There are two huge racial problems here, but this post only will deal with one of them. Let’s get the first one out of the way.

The first is the fact that President Barack Hussein Obama is just as white as he is black. It is just as accurate to call him a white president as it is to call him a “black” president. And when I say, “just as accurate,” I mean only 50% true. It’s only half accurate, half truthful, and half untruthful. Despite the slobbering love affair (as Bernie Goldberg put it) the media has both with Barack Obama, and with the very notion of having the first “black” president, it is simply not factually, nor historically accurate to make the claim that President Obama is the first “black” president.

When a person does become the first black president, that person will have a mom and a dad who both are black, and two sets of black grandparents. With my bias, I hope that person is a Conservative American. Obama has a white mother and one set of white grandparents. Ah, but Mr. Obama is all too willing to gratefully accept this improper title and assume his place on Mt. Rushmore. So, that is the first huge problem with all of this.

The second problem is that people of all skin pigmentations have been told for more than 25 years now not to refer to people as being “black.” We are (or at least we were) supposed to call them “African American.

This ‘gospel truth’ came from none other than the racist Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. himself in 1988. As author John Baugh writes in his book, “Out of the Mouths of Slaves: African American Language and Educational Malpractice”…

“During ceremonies in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., [Rev. Jesse] Jackson stated, “Just as we were called colored, but were not that, then Negro, but not that, to be called black is just as baseless. Every ethnic group in this country has reference to some cultural base. African Americans have hit that level of maturity.*”

So, I ask again; Why is President Obama called the first “Black” President? As Baugh himself admitted in his book, liberal “Pundits jumped at the bait,” when Jackson made the request in 1988. “And a journalist frenzy ensued…”

The white guilt taught in liberal-run public schools for generations kicked in. The white fear instilled by dutiful socialist-union-democrat teachers resulted in on one ever wanting to be called a racist. To avoid this, whites gleefully adopted this new opportunity to show their neighbors that they were not racist.

Somehow, the democrat-run-media let go of all of that with the emergence of Senator Barack H. Obama. They molded him to fit a pre-scripted role in a play they made up where the main character is elected as the first African American president and then eliminates any and all racial problems in the USA once and for all.

Unfortunately for them, the Senator had absolutely no desire to fulfill that role at all. To the contrary, Obama has deliberately sought out ways to stoke the flames of racial discontent. “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon Martin.” And… Accusing a white policemen of acting improperly when the cop arrested a black man who was an Obama supporter. That resulted in the infamous beer summit at the White House where the president pretended he didn’t believe what he had said earlier. He faked it for the cameras just to try to save some political face and convince Americans that the honest racist stupidity of his comments did not represent his actual beliefs (when, in fact, the comments are what he believes).

In 2009, the Associated Press wondered aloud in an article we have reported about before, what to call this newly chosen President elect. Was he biracial? Was he mixed race? Was he black? What about his white mother? The President himself, when asked, said he was a “Mutt,” a reference to a dog coming from mixed breed parents.

I’m just trying to keep it real here. Barack H. Obama is NOT the first African American President, nor is he the first “black” president.
Someday, the history books will reflect that we are, obviously, correct about this. In the meantime, we have to put up with that slobbering biased love affair the lamestream press has with a character in play who becomes the first African American President. In their story, Barack H. Obama is that man. It’s a lie.

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