Why Obama Has No ISIS Strategy

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

While ISIS plans to cross our border with Mexico to get into our nation and attack us from within, President Barack Hussein Obama continues to golf. Why? Why no strategy?

Here’s a few reasons:

  1. President Obama is fundamentally transforming America from the naton you knew and loved into a socialist nation of whimps who admit that every problem in the world is our own fault. Fighting ISIS has nothing to do with that and it is not his priority.
  2. His Angry Victim-Mentality Foreign Policy tells him, in his gut, that he should side with ISIS. To him, these poor innocent Islamists are the victims of the Western World and he always wants to help those whom HE perceives are the victims (not necessarily those who are deemed the victims by people with common sense).
  3. He has very little interest in foreign policy. It bores him.
  4. His narrative is that Osama (and all of terrorism) is dead. How can he start a new war with a terrorist group and maintain his stupid, childish fantasy that he has parted the waters, eliminated terrorism, and now the world finally loves and respects us? This isn’t the history he wants to write.
  5. The policy of ignoring a situation for long periods of time has worked for him before. He hopes the media will tire of it, drop it, and move on.

Americans have elected the wrong man.

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