Will NY Times Notice Obama Military Deaths Have Hit 1000?

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    Will the New York Times and others in the lamestream lefty media even notice that 1,000 soldiers have died since Barack Obama became President?

    The lamestream liberal media was all over the story when President George W. Bush was commander in Chief and the death toll hit 1,000 soldiers. For Bush, the report came on September 7th, 2004, nearly three years to the date after the 9/11 attacks. His Presidential opponent at the time, John Kerry, called it a “Tragic Milestone.”

    The Democrat party’s New York Times headline was, “For 1,000 Troops, There Is No Going Home.” They used the emotional pull to personalize their FULL-PAGE story…

    “Dixie Codner had a question for the marines who came down her gravel road, past the rows of corn and alfalfa, to tell her that her 19-year-old son, Kyle, had been killed in Iraq. Should she bring them the dress blues, still pressed and hanging neatly in his closet, for his funeral? No need, she recalled them answering. They had dress uniforms from all the services, all sizes, waiting back at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, where the bodies of American service members come home. ”What does that say?” Ms. Codner asked, as she sat at her kitchen table in Shelton, Neb., on a recent morning, fingering a thick stack of photographs that her son had sent from the desert. ”How many more are they expecting? All I know is that there are 1,000 families that feel just like we do. We go to bed at night, and we don’t have our children.”

    ConservativeAmerican.org has a few questions for the New York Times; Will the paper even run a story explaining that since Obama became Commander 1,000 soldiers won’t have any “going home?” Will they find a family like the family of Lance Cpl. Kyle W. Codner to interview? Will they call the spouse of Sgt. 1st Class James E. Thode of New Mexico, the 1000th military casualty since Obama took office? Are the deaths still important? Are the “tragic milestones” still meaningful with a Democrat in the White House? We think we know the answers, but we’d love to be proven wrong.

    See the list of the 1,000 soldiers who have died since Obama took office here. – See the story of the 1,000th soldier to die under Obama here. – Full coverage on our home page.

    When it was Bush, the Boston Globe Headline was “Death Toll Tops 1,000.” NBC’s Nightly TV News covered it this way on 9/9/2004…


    More examples of 2004 coverage of the 1,000th death are here and here.

    The value of every soldier’s life is immeasurable. The “milestones” the media so loved to report as Bush Death Count stories, have disappeared now that Barack Hussein Obama is Commander in Chief. If it was important before, why is it no longer important? Seems like a fair question to us.

    Will the NY Times mourn the costs paid by “women and Hispanics” as they did when Bush was president? And why would the NY Times single out women or Hispanics? As if that makes a gosh darn difference! Who cares what color, sexual orientation or gender these people are! Are their lives somehow more or less valuable because they were women or Hispanic? Of course not! Shame on the liberal left for suggesting so with the emphasis in this article. It’s like the friend of mine I spoke with two days after 9/11 who said, “Yeah, think of all the minorities who died in those towers!” I beg your pardon? Who are these people?The Bush Death Counts, the celebration of each milestone as an occasion for an anti-war, anti-George W. Bush media to push its own agenda, were wrong. They noted the 500th death, 1,000th, 1500th, 2000th, etc. Even the NY Times noted the 2,000th death got much more coverage than the 1,000th death did…

    “James J. Carafano, a military expert and senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation, a conservative research organization, said that it would have been “dumb” for the White House to have ignored the occasion. “Not to mark it,” he said, “would make it seem they were ashamed of the sacrifice of the 2,000, which would not be the best P.R. stand to take.” Mr. Carafano said he saw the number as meaningless but said it reflected how journalists work. They do not cover policy issues regularly, he said, “and when an event comes along that allows them to illuminate a policy, they jump on it.”

    Dumb to ignore it? Hmmm. Will the NY Times call Carafano back and have him say it would be dumb for Obama to ignore this “milestone?!” According to Carafano, it appears the Obama White House is okay with the appearance that they are ashamed of the sacrifice of 1,000. As he said, that’s “not the best P.R. stand to take.”

    As a former Radio Talk Show host and reporter, I realize that the milestones are news. I’m not saying don’t cover it. At ConservativeAmerican.org, we’re merely asking why the coverage was continuous, huge, full-page, front cover, news when Bush was President and now that Obama is President… well, as Charlie “Hubris” Gibson gleefully announced when asked to explain why he would no longer cover anti-war protests held by a certain Mom, ‘there comes a time when we need to move on.’ Uh-huh. And Hubris Gibson and his lefty pals get to pick when that time is. That’s wrong. Hubris Gibson should stick to emceeing democrat party fundraisers, as he has done in the past.

    Let’s be honest. The Bush Death Counts were absurd. It was a political attempt by the left and the media to tie the deaths to their hated politician; George W. Bush. At ConservativeAmerican.org, we have used the absurd to demonstrate the absurd. We have created and equally absurd (and admittedly so) Obama Death Count. And we’ve been blasted for it by people who haven’t read the story! We promised to take it down when the left ends its hypocrisy of claiming to be anti-war while actually being anti-REPUBLICAN-IN-CHARGE-war. Where are the shouts of “Obama Lied, People Died?”

    It’s put up or shut up time for the liberal media. The Obama Death Count has hit 1,000. What’s it going to be? Is this an important “tragic milestone” or not?

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