Will Obama blame GOP for “Glitches?”

You know how the White House loves late Friday afternoon information dumps when the info is bad?  They let the info flow when they know the least number of people are paying attention.   If team Obama was going to admit any responsibility for the Obamacare Nightmare rollout failure, my hunch is they would have done that on a Friday afternoon.

Instead, the President will talk today about the so-called “glitches,” giving the media the rest of the week to discuss it.  Why would he do that? He wouldn’t be planning to blame the republicans, would he?!

I could be wrong, but my hunch is he will discuss the government shutdown, blame Ted Cruz, and discuss that the building of this website was delayed so long because of these awful right-wing anarchist tea party-types.  No one will be fired.  No one will be held accountable.  With Obama’s victim mentality, it all HAS TO BE someone else’s fault. He’ll explain that he was a bystander, powerless, feels just like you (frustrated and angry) and that like you, he’s just a spectator, a victim here.

The terrorist, hostage-taker, abusing republicans are the real bullies that caused this problem. If anyone should be fired, he will claim, it is the republicans!

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