With Obamacare, 5-million Fewer Insured!

It’s not hard to do the math. About 6.1-million people lost their insurance due to the ‘genius’ plan of President Barack Obama to nationalize healthcare.

By Team Obama’s own made-up numbers, only about 1.1-million have signed up for the bad dream of the Obamacare Nightmare. How many of them have actually paid? No one will say. Of those that paid, how many have had their info clearly communicated to the actual insurance provider? No one will say.

Let’s see, carry the one, divide by… That’s 5-million fewer people with health insurance than before he started to mess with the greatest healthcare system in the world! It was a system more than 80% of Americans thought was working for them. Yes, there were problems that could have been fixed. No, we did not need to have government-run healthcare with death panels deciding who lives and who dies.

Way to go, Mr. Obama.

He promised the 30-million (another made-up number) without insurance would be covered. Instead, we now have 35-million (his numbers) without insurance.

Thanks, Obama.

PS – As we asked the other day, who will be the first to die because Obamacare takes effect on Wednesday? It will happen and our article listed the ways it could happen. So who will be first?

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