Women: Palin Treated Unfairly

By Peter Andrew ConservativeAmerican.org

Gannett News Service political writer Chuck Raasch has a piece online today wondering about a Sarah Palin comeback.  Raasch asks if she will return more as a Dan Quayle or more like Ronald Reagan.  Raasch writes:

“Those writing her off entirely ignore recent history. During Reagan’s first run for national office in 1976 he, too, was criticized as a shallow intellect and too conservative. Four years later, he stomped a reformist Democrat, incumbent Jimmy Carter.

A post-election poll of American women by Republican Kellyanne Conway and Democrat Celinda Lake suggests Palin’s problems could be different from what Quayle faced after his first national campaign in 1988. Sixty-four percent of the women surveyed said they felt Palin got more negative media coverage than other candidates because she was a woman — twice as many as the 31 percent that said the same thing of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

That twice as many women would think Palin was unfairly treated because of her gender was one of the most startling findings of the Conway-Lake poll.

Women, Conway said, believe no male would face questions about “the maternity of a man’s baby, or a wardrobe or hairstyles.”

The findings only are startling to libs who want this woman defeated.  Palin will come back and we hope she’ll be more like Reagan than Quayle.  She certainly has the ability to do so.

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