Yahoo’s Outrageous Claim about Obama

By Danny Dangerous – ConservativeAmerican.org

What the heck is going on these days?  Walter Shapiro at Yahoo News either has long-term memory loss or is yet another one of the revisionist historians working for team Obama!  I’m sick of this trash they put out and call it “news.”

Yahoo calls obama’s decision to blame congress for whatever happens in Syria a “History-Defying Decision!”  Gag me already. The headline almost weeps for the glory of such a ‘brave’ leader.  What an honor it is for each of us to live in a nation with such a courageous hero as our leader! These obama-washed fools make me ill.

Obama has one motive for going to congress: like our David Kraemer wrote earlier today, Obama wants to be able to either claim the glory if it works or blame congress if it doesn’t.  That’s it.  Yet Shapiro claims, “The full reasoning behind the president’s turnabout remains murky.” Open your eyes from your democrat daze, dude.

Then Shapiro drools of his majesty, King Obama saying…

“…the president’s decision to go to Congress represents an historic turning point. It may well be the most important presidential act on the Constitution and war-making powers since Harry Truman decided to sidestep Congress and not seek their backing to launch the Korean war.”


He makes it seem as though Obama is the first person since before Harry Truman to be so brave and to have such respect for the Constitution (excuse me while I go puke) that he would honor us all by asking congress for approval to take military action.


Walt does remember the whole Michael Moore-on thing about Bush supposedly “lying” about weapons of Mass destruction.  Don’t even get me started about that nonsense.  It’s obviously not a lie to state what you believe to be true based on all the evidence you have at the time.

Hey Walt, President George W. Bush was surrounded by members of congress from both parties (will Obama do that?!) when a joint resolution was passed to authorize the use of the armed forces in October of 2002.   He went to congress. Both parties approved of the use of military force in Iraq.  I doubt Walt gushed over how brave Bush was!

It’s okay, I’m sure Walter Shapiro just forgot.



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